Service Charge

How do you hold service charge funds?

These are held strictly in accordance with the Landlord & Tenant Act, S42 Trust Client Accounts, our accounts are held at Clydesdale Bank PLC.

How can I make a payment to you?

We accept payment by cheque or electronic bank transfer or by debit card over the telephone. Please call our Property Accounts Line 0141 638 1006 and select option 0 to talk with the team.  Alternatively, please email and your email will be dealt with by the team who will then liaise directly with you.​

Why have I received a year-end excess or credit?

This is an invoice sent when the final service charge year-end accounts are produced. In simple terms, the balancing charge will be because there was more money spent during the year than was estimated. The accounts that should accompany the invoice, or may have been sent prior, will show the details of the actual expenditure. The Property Manager for your development will be able to provide more detail in each case. Please remember that the normal service charge invoices are based on an estimate and we cannot foresee all eventualities that may occur during the year ahead. ​

Why are my payments due on set dates?

The lease or freehold deed will set the due dates for payment of charges such as ground rent, service charge, insurance etc. It is normal policy for these to be the dates on which we will accept payment. Payment in advance of the due date is acceptable and the money will be held against your name until due when it will be set against the relevant charge. Payments after the due date can cause cash flow problems for the service charge or insurance and can prevent us from paying the bills we received. Late payment can result in interest or penalty charges being applied to your account. ​

What do I do if I cannot make the payment in full on the due date?

It is essential that you contact us to discuss such situations. Please call our Property Accounts Line 0141 638 1006 and select option 1 to talk with the team.  Alternatively, please email and your email will be dealt with by the team who will then liaise directly with you. We are required to have a strict credit control procedure in place. If you fail to contact us you can become liable for additional costs. Ultimately, we may have to write to your lender and be forced to take legal action against you.

Additional costs – Arrears charges

If payment is not made in full within 21 days, and you are not paying by standing order, we will issue a first arrears letter.  We appreciate that invoices can genuinely be overlooked so our first arrears letter is just a gentle reminder.  No charge is made for this first letter.  If payment is still not forthcoming within the ten days referred to in this first letter we will issue a second arrears letter, at a cost of £12 (£10 + VAT).  Failure to pay within a further ten days will necessitate us issuing a third and final arrears letter, at a cost to you of £30 (£25 +VAT). The responsibility is on you to pay timeously, in terms of your TP1/Legal Transfer/Lease.  It is not up to us to chase you for payment and we therefore charge an administration fee for having to do so. If payment is still not made within a further period of ten days we will send your account to our debt collection agency, Property Debt Collection.  Their initial charge is £240 (£200+VAT), for which you will be responsible. Once your account is sent to PDC you must deal with them directly regarding payment.

Please ensure that, if you do not live at the property address, you provide us with your correct correspondence details.  The onus is on you to provide these to us.