Legal Enquiries

What do I do if I want to sublet my property?

You will need to refer to your lease and may need to consult your mortgage provider. We have provided further information below.

Can I sublet my flat?

Your lease may have clauses preventing you from sub-letting or providing conditions in order to allow a sub-letting. It is important that you review your lease, in addition you may have conditions imposed by your mortgage lender depending on the type of mortgage you have. In addition to this there may be other clauses in the Lease dealing with the occupation of the property examples of which below.

Can I sublet for multiple occupancy?

As above your lease is likely to have clauses covering the occupation of the property and specifically stating that the property must be sub-let as a whole so it is unlikely that subletting for multiple occupancy would be permitted.

Can I sublet short term eg Air BnB?

The lease normally specifies that subletting is only permissable to a single family via a shorthold leasing agreement and it is not permissable for Air


Can I sublet my parking space/garage?

As above if your lease states that the property must be let as a whole and the car parking space and or garage form part of the same lease then you may not be able to sub-let.​

Can I have a pet or animal at my property?

Some leases have an absolute ban on the keeping of pets or animals. In some cases, there is some discretion and consent of the landlord is normally required. Please contact us directly who will send you a letter setting out the terms on which we allow pets to be kept.  Our normal policy is to allow domestic cats, birds etc but not dogs.  Unfortunately in our experience dogs cause neighbour issues within an apartment block and for this reason permission is not normally granted. 

What do I have to do if I want to install double glazing or make other alterations?

You may require consent from us on behalf of the landlord. Please contact us directly who will be able to provide details of how to proceed. 

Can I put up a satellite dish?

Normally the answer to this question is “no”. Most leases prevent individual owners from putting up satellite dishes. This is for a number of reasons, not least of which are that they can make the building look unsightly and also because there can be planning permission issues. In the first instance, please contact us directly who will advise in your particular circumstances. 

How do I extend the lease for my property?

In many cases, we act for the freeholder in connection with lease extensions or are able to provide contact details for direct discussion. Please put your request in writing to us directly and ensure you provide the full address for the property and your contact details.