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Welcome to Nationspaces Developments

  • Nationspaces Developments Limited has been operating in the property business for a total of Fifty years since the inception of the Company and operates in all aspects of property management.
  • The company currently has some 8200 units under management ranging from two unit properties to large estates of over 450 units. The service provided can be from simple collection of ground rent for a landlord to full management of an estate covering all services.
  • As Managing Agents we believe that the interests of the Lessees and Landlords can be achieved at the same time. Our aim is to maintain the properties or developments in an efficient and professional manner with the least inconvenience to all concerned. Our provision of a prompt, efficient service for our whole portfolio allows the Landlord the ability to leave the day to day maintenance in our hands, and for the Lessees to have confidence in the professional maintenance of their home.
  • Good working relationships with contractors, Solicitors, Insurance brokers and Accountants affords us the ability to ensure a quality service with the minimum of delay.
Joyfields House, Douglas Avenue, Giffnock, Glasgow, G46 6NX
Tel: 0141 638 1006 Email:
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